Archival Photographic Collections

Late Nineteenth– to Early Twentieth–Century Images

The Peabody Museum’s extensive photographic collection is a treasure trove of late nineteenth- to early twentieth-century photography, with more than 500,000 images from daguerreotypes to color, 35mm, and slide photography. Subjects include expeditions, indigenous peoples, and cultures spanning the globe. The photograph collection is generally considered to be one of the ten largest photographic archives documenting world cultures. The collection also includes photo documentation of the history of the Peabody Museum, its exhibitions, staff, and related archaeological expeditions and artifacts.

Collection Highlights

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Nineteenth-Century Indian Delegation to Washington, D.C.

Indian delegation

Little Crow: Che-tan-wa-ku-te-ma-na or "Hawk that Hunts Walking," 1810-1863 (left) and His Own Thunder: Wa-kin-yan-to wa, no date (right), Mdewakanton Dakota Nation. By Vannerson & Cohner (1857-1858) and Shindler (1867). PM 2004.1.125.22.

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Related exhibit: Breaking the Silence: Nineteenth-Century Indian Delegations in Washington, D.C.

Carnegie Institute of Washington, Photographs, 1930s.

 Carnegie Institute Chitzen Itza photo

N. Colonnade, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, May 6, 1927. PM 58-34-20_31367/.

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Images of the Peabody Museum Expedition to Copan, Honduras, 1891–1900.

 child seated at Altar S Copan

Child seated on Altar S, Copan, Honduras. PM 2004.24.242. 

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Related online exhibit: Fragile Memories: Images of Archaeology and Community at Copan, 1891–1900.

The Marshall Family Expeditions to the Kalahari, 1950–1961.

 Marshall family with the Kalari

John Marshall with !Kung men and camera equipment, circa 1950–1955. PM 2001.29.254.

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Related exhibit: Regarding the Kalahari: The Marshall Family and the Ju/Wasi

Nineteenth-Century Japanese Art Prints by Baron Raimond von Stillfried.

 Japanese art prints

Japanese samurai in colorful armor, albumen print with applied color, circa 1865–1875. PM 2003.1.2223.396.

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Related exhibit: A Good Type: Tourism and the Science in Early Japanese Photographs

Field, Henry, Photographs of Marsh Arabs, Iraq, 1934.

 Marsh Arab children

Portrait of three Marsh Arab children from the Khazal area, Iraq, 1934). 53-26-60/15921.297.

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Related exhibit: Field Photography: The Marsh Arabs of Iraq, 1934

Wulsin, Frederick, Photographs from the Wulsin Expedition to China and Mongolia, 1923–1924. 

 Wulsin photographs from China

Merchant's family and young bride, May 1923. PM 56-55-60/15688.1.

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Related exhibit: Portraits from China, 1923-1946: Photographers and their Subjects

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