Every Object Tells Many Stories

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Museum collections are powerful teaching and learning tools

The meaning of an item will change according to the questions that you ask of it. Viewed from different perspectives, multiple narratives emerge.

The Peabody's Academic Partnerships Department offers collections-based learning opportunities unique to Harvard and unique within Harvard.

  • Have hands-on engagements with world-class collections
  • Work with expert staff to identify collections relevant to course themes
  • Develop specialized workshops and activities for teaching or research
  • Conduct original, primary source research
  • Learn about collections-based teaching and research from museum staff 
If you are interested in using the Peabody collections for teaching or research, please contact Academic Partnerships staff via the Peabody Museum Collections Access Request form. Please allow at least 2 weeks advance notice. The more time staff has, the better we are able to serve your course needs.



















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    View our online exhibit, created by the students of A1218: Introduction to Maritime Archaeology.

    Watch a short video about researching the Peabody Museum Collections.