The Peabody Museum began issuing monographs, archaeological research reports, and other publications related to the Museum’s collections and scholarly activities in 1888. Today, the Peabody Museum Press publishes the unique resources of the Museum and the work of its affiliated scholars. The press’s books include works in Old and New World archaeology, zooarchaeology, biological and sociocultural anthropology, indigenous arts, anthropology and aesthetics, and material culture. The press also publishes exhibition catalogues and the work of the Robert Gardner Photography Fellows and Gardner Visiting Artists.


The mission of the Peabody Museum Press is to disseminate knowledge, stimulate academic discourse, advance the subjects of archaeology and anthropology, and make the Museum’s collections widely available to researchers, students, Museum visitors, and the public. The press publishes work by scholars affiliated with the Museum and Harvard’s Department of Anthropology and by specialists working with the Museum’s collections.

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