Staff & Departments

Director’s Office

Jeffrey Quilter, William and Muriel Seabury Howells Director
Linda Ordogh, Assistant to the Director

External Relations

Pamela Gerardi, Director (Research & Collections, development)
Faith Sutter, Media and Communications Specialist (Exhibits, Education, Public Programs)

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Collections Division

Kara Schneiderman, Director of Collections

Collections Management

David DeBono Schafer, Senior Collections Manager
Laura Costello, Collections Steward
Mollie Denhard, Collections Assistant
Stuart Heebner, Collections Assistant
Martha Labell, Collections Assistant
Jen Poulsen, Collections Assistant
Meredith Vasta, Collections Steward
Matthew Vigneau, Collections Assistant
Diana Zlatanovski, Collections Steward

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Archives Department

Patricia Kervick, Senior Archivist
Katherine Meyers Satriano, Associate Archivist
Kim Allegretto, Assistant Archivist

Conservation Department

T. Rose Holdcraft, Senior Conservator
Judy Jungels, Conservator
Morgan Nau, Associate Conservator
Cristina Morilla, Special Projects Conservator
Cassy Cutulle, Assistant Conservator

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Osteology & Paleoanthropology

Michele Morgan, Museum Curator
Loring Burgess, Associate Osteologist
Jane Rousseau, Osteology Collections Steward
Kora Welsh, Collections Assistant

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Registration & Permissions Department

Genevieve Fisher, Senior Registrar
Amy Wolff Cay, Associate Registrar for Acquisitions
Cynthia Mackey, Associate Registrar for Rights and Reproductions

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Curatorial Administration and Outreach

Pamela Gerardi, Director Curatorial Administration and Outreach

Academic Partnerships

Diana Loren, Director & Museum Curator, North American Archaeology
Lainie Schultz, Academic Partnerships Coordinator
Emily Pierce, Curatorial Assistant, Academic Partnerships


Ingrid Ahlgren, Curator of Oceania
Ilisa Barbash, Museum Curator of Visual Anthropology
Patricia Capone, Museum Curator, North American Archaeology
Diana Loren, Museum Curator, North American Archaeology
Irene Castle McLaughlin, Museum Curator of North American Ethnography
Michele Morgan, Museum Curator of Osteology

Repatriation & Research Services

Patricia Capone, Director, Museum Curator
Sandra Dong, NAGPRA Coordinator
Katy Mollerud, NAGPRA Regional Coordinator
Meredith Luze, NAGPRA Regional Coordinator

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Peabody Museum Press

Kate O’Donnell, Director of Publications

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Department of Anthropology Curators

Department of Human Evolutionary Biology Curators

Education & Exhibits (Harvard Museum of Science and Culture)

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Financial Affairs & Administration

Catherine Cezeaux, Deputy Director of Administration
Eugene Ayres, Building Manager
Karen Crabtree, Financial Administrator
Helen Najarian, Financial Assistant
Jon Cravotta, Maintenance Technician
Steve Rothman, Systems Administrator


Research Projects & Laboratories

Anthropological Literature

Helen Quigley, Editor/Indexer
Elise Ramsey, Assistant Editor/Indexer

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Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions Program & Mesoamerican Laboratory

Barbara Fash, Director
Alexandre Tokovinine, Research Associate
Elizabeth Link, Research Assistant

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Moses Mesoamerican Archive

Davíd Carrasco, Director
Charlene Higbe, Coordinator

Zooarchaeology Laboratory & Harappa Project

Richard H. Meadow, Director
Peter Burns, Technical Assistant
Tonya Largy, Research Assistant
Ajita Patel, Research Assistant

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