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Ixkun: Stela 1
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LOCATION This impressive stela stands near the center of the main plaza, in front of Structure 3. The associated altar is circular, 2.05 m in diameter, and 0.35 m thick.

CONDITION Intact and erect. The surface shows some loss of detail through weathering. Saw cuts at the top testify to an attempt, fortunately soon abandoned, to cut off the carved surface.

MATERIAL Limestone of uniform texture, flawed only by a fissure near the top.

SHAPE Parallel sides with a nearly flat top. The front of the shaft is slightly narrower than the back. On either side four cord-holders have been drilled at intervals along the rear edge, passing through to the back.


HLC 3.72m
PB .38m+
MW 2.04m
WEC 2.01m
MTh 0.39m
ReI 4.6cm

CARVED AREAS Front only.

PHOTOGRAPH Graham, 1978.

DRAWING Graham, based on detail photographs and field drawings of the lower half of the stela and all the inscriptions. Through ill luck, Maudslay's plaster cast in the British Museum could not be studied when this volume was in preparation because it was hidden behind the display panels of a temporary exhibition.




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