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La-Honradez: Stela 1
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LOCATION This stela was still erect when found by Tozzer in front of Structure A27; but Morley's photograph shows a large crack not far above the base. By 1976 the shaft had broken at this point, and

the stela was lying on its side.

CARVED AREAS All four sides.

CONDITION The lower fragment was not found and, in view of the poor quality of the stone, it may simply have crumbled. Two small fragments of the shaft were found, but the missing upper part is presumed to have decayed into small pieces. Traces of red paint were found on the front and sides.

PHOTOGRAPHS Left side and lower part of front: Morley. Others: von Euw.

DRAWINGS von Euw, based on field drawings corrected by artificial light and on other details taken from Morley's photographs.

MATERIAL Limestone.

SHAPE Parallel sidesi shape of top unknown. Tozzer records in his field notes that the butt increases greatly in thickness at a certain distance below the base of carving.


HLC 2.36 m plus
PB 0.35 m plus
MW 1.04 m
WBC unknown
MTh 0.65 m plus
Rel 5.5 cm



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