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Piedras-Negras: Stela 1
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LOCATION Found by Maler as the westernmost in the row of eight monuments on the terrace in front of Structure J-4. The stela was evidently erected near the central axis of the pyramid's main stairway. Satterthwaite (1943, p. 60) noted that it may have been set off of the low stela platform bearing Stelae 2 through 7.

CONDITTON When discovered by Maler, the stela was broken into two large fragments, with one small detached piece from the left side. The design on the front was all but obliterated. Preservation on the back was far better, with only slight weathering in some areas near the top and loss of sculpture in areas of fracture. Areas of paint remained where the sculpture is best preserved. The inscribed sides had suffered moderate to heavy erosion. In the 1960s, looters clumsily attempted to remove glyphs from the back, leaving only large saw marks and gaps where columns J and K of tl1e inscription had once been.

MATERIAL Fine-grained yellow limestone.

SHAPE Parallel sides with a flat top.


Ht 4.22m
HLC 3.07 m
EPB 19.0 cm
MW 1.27 m
WBC 1.12m
MTh 0.46m
Rei 11.0cm

CARVED AREAS Front, back, and narrow sides.

PHOTOGRAPHS Godfrey (front), Maler (1895 views of baek, PMAE nos. H1569 and H7570), and Graham (1974 views of back, CMHI neg nos. 1959/1, 1942/1; left side, CMHI neg. nos. '1943/,1, 1934/4; right side, CM H I neg. no. '1932/4, 1929/1).

DRAWINGS Stuart, based on extant photographs and eorrected field drawings.

NOTES Maler mentioned the remains of intense blue and red paint on the sculpture on the back, traces of which were seen by Graham near the bottom of the image during his 1974 visit. The sandal on the woman's right foot was then colored blue, her foot red.




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