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Itzimite: Stela 10
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LOCATION The main fragment was found several meters away from the butt, which was found in situ approximately 3 m east of Stela 9, making it the easternmost surely placed monument on Structure30. Because of similarities in style it seems probable that the small fragment with the foot carved on it is a part of the same stela as the larger piece. The butt of Stela 9 has carving, while that of Stela 10 shows none and as the "foot" fragment is apparently the lowest piece of a stela, it could be a part of Stela 10 but not of Stela 9.lt was in view of this that the correspondence of the large fragments and the butts was assumed.

CONDlTlON In three pieces, although the butt was not photographed; all fragments have lost details through erosion.

MATERIAL Limestone.

SHAPE Parallel sides; shape of top unknown.


HLC 1.46m
MW 0.91m
WBC 0.91m
MTh 0.27m
ReI 1.5cm

CARVED AREAS Front only.


DRAWING von Euw, based on field drawing corrected by artificial light.




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