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Piedras-Negras: Stela 11
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LOCATION Originally erected on the terrace before Structure )-3, to the right of Stela 10. In the 1960s looters sawed the sculpture into smaller sections for easy removal. The ruler's figure now resides in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (accession number 68-51). In the early 19905 the lower half was reportedly in private hands in Switzerland.

CONDITION Maler discovered the monument fallen face down and broken into two large pieces. The front was in very fine condition, with extensive remains of red, blue, and green paint on the niche figure (Morley 1938, p. 192). The sides were also well preserved, although the glyphs of the upper right side suffered moderate weathering.

MATERIAL Hard, fine-grained limestone.

SHAPE Parallel sides and a flat top.

CARVED AREAS Front and sides.

PHOTOGRAPHS Maler (front, PMAE no. H2107), Godfrey (front, oblique view), Graham (detail of niche figure, CMHI neg. no. 1783/2), and CIW (left side, neg. no. H-36-132; right side, neg. no. H-21-5-40a).


HLC 3.04m
PB 1.00 m
MW 1.09 m
WBC 1.07 m
MTh 46.0 cm
ReI 12.0 cm

DRAWINGS Stuart, based solely on photographs and on Graham's inspection of the figure in Houston. The drawing of the right side has been rectified from the only oblique photographs that exist.




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