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Ixkun: Stela 2
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LOCATION When Maudslay visited the site, this stela was already lying broken, with its sculptured face to the ground. It had been set directly in front of Structure 6, close to the foot of its stairway.

CONDITION Broken into three large fragments and at least ten smaller ones. Morley reported that the butt, with the bottom row of glyphs, was still in situ; it has since been dug out. The carved surface, in fairly good condition when examined by Morley, has not deteriorated significantly since then. Three of the smaller fragments shown in Morley's photograph (carrying parts of glyphs A7 and A8) I

was unable to find in 1971; on the other hand I did find a small fragment constituting the lower edge of glyph Bll and the upper portion of B12, which had eluded him.

MATERIAL Limestone.

SHAPE Parallel sides, with poorly trimmed (or damaged) slanting top.

PB 0.78 m
MW 1.06 m
WBC 1.03 m
MTh 0.33 m
ReI 0.9 cm

CARVED AREAS Front only.

PHOTOGRAPH Graham, 1971; portions of Morley's 1914 photograph that show the fragments not found in 1971 have been incorporated. The small photographs reproduced in the Introduction (p. 1:12) show glyph C3 of this stela.

DRAWING Graham, based on a field drawing corrected by artificial light.




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