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La-Honradez: Stela 2
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LOCATION Tozzer found the surviving fragment of this stela lying on its face between Structures A-24 and A-25. Its position in 1976 was rather more distant from Stela 1 than is indicated on the plan published by Morley, but it may have been moved at some time.

CONDITION The fragment has not deteriorated since its discovery; the front being fairly well preserved, the sides badly eroded.

MATERIAL Soft limestone.

SHAPE Form of shaft unknown. Tozzer recorded in his field notes that the butt increases in width abruptly at some distance (apparently about 25 cm) below the base of carving. Presumably these shoulders were set just below floor level.

CARVED AREAS The front and left sides are carved, so it seems likely that the other side was also carved. (Morley failed to distinguish carving on either side.) It is impossible to tell whether or not the back was carved.


DRAWINGS von Euw, based on field drawings corrected by artificial light.

REMARKS In his field notes, Tozzer records an altar about 1.5 m in diameter on the south side of the stela, partly covered by rubble.


HLC 0.98 m
PB 0.41 m
MW 1.03 m
WBC unknown
MTh 0.31 m
Rel 1.0 cm



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