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Piedras-Negras: Stela 2
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LOCATION Discovered face down by Maler in the row of stelae on the terrace in front of Structure J-4, between Stelae 1 and 3. The sawn front is now on display in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

CONDITION Broken into three large fragments. The front was in good condition, with only moderate weathering and breakage in some areas of the sculpture. The sides and top suffered considerably more, with the loss of most carved details. Maler reported that the back was carved, but largely destroyed. In the mid-1960s looters sawed away the front face, which is now displayed in some fifteen pieces.

MATERIAL Very fine-grained limestone with a few hollow blemishes.

SHAPE The sides of the stela are highly convex, lending a column-like appearance to the monument's form. The top is flat.


Ht 2.77m
MW 76.0cm
MTh 40.5cm
Rei 2.7cm

CARVED AREAS Front, back, sides, and top.

PHOTOGRAPHS Godfrey (front), UM (left, neg. no. 32-m-44), and CIW (right, neg. no. H-21-5-6; top, neg. no. H-21-5-2).

DRAWINGS Graham (front) and Stuart (sides and top).




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