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Ixkun: Altar 3
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Ixkun, Altar of Stela 3

LOCATION Found by Graham to the west of Stela 3, buried below accumulated soil. It lay within 0.60 m of the broken lower edge of the stela, set in a floor of waterworn pebbles with its upper surface standing 10 cm above the level of that floor. The inscription appears to be oriented so as to read correctly for an observer facing west, with his back to the temple mound.

CONDITION Two fragments are cracked from the main portion of the altar, but

remain in place; another fragment is missing. The surface shows considerable erosion.

MATERIAL Coarse limestone with shell inclusions, one of which adds spurious detail to the postfix at the right-hand side of glyph B1. A similar inclusion in the right-hand border of Stela 3, visible in the photograph, may be evidence of like origin.

SHAPE Roughly oval, and poorly trimmed.

(vert.) 1.00 m
(hor.) 1.32 m
MTh 0.27 m
ReI 1.7 cm

CARVED AREAS Upper surface only.

PHOTOGRAPH Graham, 1978.

DRAWING Graham, based on a field drawing corrected by artificial light.




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