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Ixtutz: Stela 3
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LOCATION The stela lies broken with its carved face up, the second from the southern end in a line of four stelae on the west side of the platform on which Structures 9,10, and 11 are built. As Lara attempted to draw the stela, it may be that the stela was still erect in 1853. In front of this stela is a plain circular altar 1.55 ill in diameter and 0.46 m thick.

CONDITION The top of the shaft is broken into three fragments, and the butt is broken off at the base of carving. The surface is severely eroded.

MATERIAL Limestone.

SHAPE Slightly bulging sides, with a rounded top.

PE 1.47 ill
MW 1.16 ill
WEC 1.06 m
MTh 0.27 ill
ReI 4.5 em

CARVED AREAS Front only.

PHOTOGRAPH Graham, 1972.

DRAWING Graham, based on a field drawing corrected by artificial light.




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