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Piedras-Negras: Stela 3
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LOCATION Originally set among the row of eight monuments on the terrace in front of Structure J-4, between Stelae 2 and 4.

CONDITION Maler found the stela fallen face up and broken into three fragments. The sculpture on the front was in very poor condition. The back fared much better, with much of the carving in a nearly pristine state when found, retaining traces of red, blue, and green paint (Maler 1901, p. 48). The sides had suffered moderate to heavy erosion. In the 1960s, looters carelessly sawed the stela into small fragments. The inscription on the rear was badly damaged, and these fragments are now stored in the basement of the Museo Nacional de Arqueologia y Etnologia in Guatemala City. A single small section of the back, bearing the image of a lidded vase, somehow made its way to a private collection in Merida, Mexico.

MATERIAL Fine-grained yellowish limestone.

SHAPE Parallel sides with a flat top.


Ht 4.14m
MW 1.31m
MTh 43.0 cm
ReI >8.0 cm

CARVED AREAS Front, sides, and back.

PHOTOGRAPHS Godfrey (front), Maler (back, PMAE nos. H7567, H7568), Graham (detail of back, CMHI neg. no. 7145/3), and CIW (left side, neg. nos. H-0-7-48, H-21-5-8, H-21-5-9; right side, neg. nos. H-21-5-13, H-21-5-11).

DRAWINGS Stuart, based on photographs and on inspection of the extant fragments in Guatemala City.




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