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Ixtutz: Stela 4
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LOCATION Found lying on its face (i.e., fallen toward the west), the southernmost in aline of four stelae on the west side of the platform on which Structures 9, 10, and 11 are built. The stela was removed in 1972, first to Tikal, and later to the Museo Nacional de Arqueologia y Łtoolagla, Guatemala.

CONDITION Intact, except perhaps for the loss of the bottom of the butt. The upper part of the inscription is in almost pristine state, although lower down much of it has been lost through flaking.

MATERIAL Honey-colored limestone.

SHAPE Evidently intended to have a symmetrical, tapered shape, the shaft appears to have had a defective upper lefthand corner even before it was carved.

PB 0.33 m plus
MW 1.16 m
WEC 1.02 m
MTh 0.40 m
Rei 1.0 om

CARVED AREAS Front only.

PHOTOGRAPH Graham, 1972.

DRAWING Graham, based on a field drawing corrected by artificial light.




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