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La-Honradez: Stela 4
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LOCATION This stela is still standing in front of Structure A-20 on the west side of the main plaza.

CONDITION: The front is weathered but less than most stelae at this site. Large areas of the sides have been weathered away. Since Morley's time two amate trees have dislodged the top of the stela, which fortunately suffered little damage in the fall; the upper parts of the sides, however, were damaged. Traces of fed paint can be seen on the sides.

MATERIAL Limestone.

SHAPE Parallel sides with a flattish top.

CARVED AREAS Front and sides. The back is now affected everywhere by flaking, but Tozzer records in his field notes that some of the original surface was remaining and that it showed no trace of carving.

PHOTOGRAPHS Front: R. E. Menvin. Sides: von Euw.

DRAWINGS von Euw, based on field drawings corrected by artificial light.

REMARKS Tazzer records an altar 0.90 m in diameter that was situated 1.7 m in front of the stela, but this was not seen in 1976.


HLC 2.81 m
PB 0.58 m plus
MW 1.42 m
WBC 1.42 m
MTh 0.90 m approx.
Rel 2.8 cm



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