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Piedras-Negras: Stela 4
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LOCATION Fourth in a row of stelae placed on the terrace before Structure J-4, between Stelae 3 and 5. A few sawn remains of the stela now rest in the plaza below, near Altar 1, where the looters apparently trimmed the sculpture for easy transport. At least one of the looted captive figures is reportedly in a private collection.

CONDITION Found in three fragments by Maler, the portrait on the front was well preserved, with traces of red paint still visible on the background and on the figure. The inscribed sides have suffered uneven erosion.

MATERIAL Fine-grained limestone.

SHAPE Parallel sides with a flat top.


Ht 4.16 m
MW 1.39m
MTh 32.0 cm

CARVED AREAS Front and sides.

PHOTOGRAPHS Maler (front, upper two fragments, PMAE nos. H7572, H7573) and CIW (bottom of front, neg. no. H-21-5-12; left side, neg. no. H-21-5-14a; right side, neg. nos. H-21-5-1, H-21-5-16).

DRAWINGS Stuart, based on photographs and field drawings of the extant fragments by Graham.




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