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Tzum: Stela 4
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LOCATION The fragments were found on the stairway leading to the platform serving as a base to Structures B-1 and B-2.

CONDITION Three large fragments were found, but large portions of the stela are missing. The condition, except for a small area on the front surface, is very poor, and the sides show little more than outlines of glyphs.

MATERIAL Limestone with iron oxide veins. Perhaps somewhat more porous than other monuments at the site.

SHAPE Sides fairly parallel; shape of top unknown.


HLC 1.93m
PB 0.58m
MW 0.96m
WBC 0.95m
MTh 0.31m
ReI 1.5cm

CARVED AREAS Front and sides.


DRAWINGS von Euw, based on field drawings corrected by artificial light.




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