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Ucanal: Stela 4
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LOCATION Merwin found the stela, about 20 m north of Structure A-26. It was broken in half, with the lower part apparently still in situ but tilted forward. An incomplete circular altar about 0.95 m in diameter and 0.38 m thick was associated with the stela. In 1972, using funds provided by La Asociacion Tikal, I removed the stela to the Museo Nacional de Arqueologfa y Etnologfa, Guatemala City.

CONDITION Broken in two when found, and now repaired. There is a small loss

extending along the left-hand half of the fracture. The carved surface is for the most part in excellent condition. A filling of plaster survives in a few cavities in the carved surface.

MATERIAL Hard grayish white limestone, flawed by numerous small cavities.

SHAPE The sculptured surface is flat, and narrower than the back of the shaft. The top is peaked unsymmetrically; the sides taper toward the bottom.

PB 0.65 m
MW 1.07 m (front)
WBC 0.93 m
MTh 0.53 m
ReI 2.1 cm

CARVED AREAS Front only.

PHOTOGRAPH Graham, 1975.

DRAWING Graham, based on a field drawing corrected by artificial light.




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