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Ixkun: Stela 5
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Ixkun, Stela 5

LOCATION The stela was found in 1852 by Colonel Modesto Mendez and the artist Eusebio Lara, who made an unpublished drawing of it. It stood on an elevated platform at the terminus of the causeway that leads southward from the site center. No altar was closely associated with it. In 1972 the stela was broken up by a looter who removed many, but not all, of the fragments. The remainder were taken by me to the alcaldia in Dolores, whence they may have been removed by the Instituto de Antropologfa e Historia.

CONDITION Before its destruction the stela was in fair condition, the most eroded area being the upper panel of hieroglyphs. Reduction of the shaft to portable fragments was evidently accomplished by building a fire round it, and then perhaps, once it was hot, dousing it with water.

MATERIAL Hard, white limestone.

SHAPE A very poorly trimmed shaft of roughly rectangular shape. The carved surface was by no means flat.

PB 0.75 m approx.
MW 1.00 m
WBC 1.00 m
MTh 0.26 m
ReI 1.0 cm

CARVED AREAS Front only.

PHOTOGRAPHS Morley, 1914; the very top of the stela, missing from Morley's photograph, has been supplied by Graham.

DRAWING Graham, traced from a properly aligned but otherwise poor photograph taken by him and based, as to details, on a field drawing corrected by artificial light.




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