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La-Honradez: Stela 5
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LOCATION When found by Tozzer the stela was lying face down in front of Structure A-l0. The butt is still in situ.

CONDITION The shaft broke into three pieces when it fell on its altar, as Tozzer suggested in his field notes. The carved surface of the front is in good condition, with only a few losses at the breaks; the sides are badly affected by weathering. Large areas of the front show red paint, of which there are also traces on the sides.

MATERIAL Limestone.

SHAPE Parallel sides with a squared-off top.

CARVED AREAS Front and sides; in Tozzer's view the back was apparently plain.


DRAWINGS von Euw, based on field drawings corrected by artificial light, with some details taken from Merwin's (1910) and Morley's photographs.

REMARKS Considerable confusion surrounds this stela. Morley (1937-38, vol. I, p. 450) describes it as broken into three pieces, yet he illustrates only the largest piece; the other two fragments he describes and illustrates as Stela 9. And Tozzer published a drawing of them as Stela D of Nakum.


HLC 2.67 m
PB 0.90 m plus
MW 1.39 m
WBC 1.39 m
MTh 0.71 m (reduced
by flaking)
Rel 3.5 cm



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