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Piedras-Negras: Stela 5
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LOCATION Originally placed in front of Structure J-4, between Stelae 4 and 6. The upper three-quarters of the front are displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The bottom fragment remains at the site.

CONDITION largely intact when found face down by Maler. The front sculpture was in nearly pristine condition, with only a few losses of detail. The main fragment corresponds to roughly three-quarters of the slab. Looters thinned this during the 1960s, and their literal defacement of the stela destroyed the side inscriptions in the process.

MATERIAL Pale yellow limestone.

SHAPE Parallel sides with a flat top.

CARVED AREAS Front and sides.

PHOTOGRAPHS Maler (front, upper fragment, PMAE neg. no. N30256), Graham (front, lower fragment, CMHI neg. no. 1697/2; left side, lower fragment, CMHI neg. no. 1904/3; right side, lower fragment, CMHI neg. no. 1904/2; back, lower fragment, CMHI neg. no. 1921/2), Godfrey (back), and CIW (left side, upper fragment, neg. no. H-21-5-1S; right side, upper fragment, neg. no. H-21-5-19).


Ht 4.22 m
MW 1.22 m
WBC >1.13 cm
MTh 36.0 cm
Rei 6.0 cm

DRAWINGS Front by Graham based on field drawings and inspection of the original. Left side by Stuart, solely on the basis of the University Museum photographs. The right side was not drawn because of the lack of detail in the photograph.




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