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La-Honradez: Stela 6
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LOCATION Tozzer found this stela still standing on the north side of the main plaza in front of Structure A-lI, on the axis of its stairway.

CONDITION The top of the stela has fallen away in small pieces, and its general condition is poor. There are patches of red paint in the upper left comer and under the headdress.

MATERIAL Porous limestone.

SHAPE Parallel sides; shape of top unknown.

CARVED AREAS Front and sides.

PHOTOGRAPHS Front: CIW (the lower left-hand edge falls outside the field of the negative). Sides; von Euw.

DRAWINGS von Euw, based on field drawings corrected by artificial light. Areas now missing were drawn from CIW photographs.


HLC 2.28 m
PB 0.41 m plus
MW 1.54 m
WBC 1.50 m
MTh 0.91 m
Rel 4.5 cm



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