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La-Honradez: Stela 7
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LOCATION When found by Tozzer the stela was unbroken and standing on the north side of the plaza, in front of Structure A-ll near its southeast corner. The stela has since been broken: the butt and lower zone of carving remain in situ, but the larger upper fragment was illegally removed to California in the early 1970s and sold to the San Bernardino County Museum.

CONDITION The butt fragment has not deteriorated significantly since Morley's time, but the carved surface is not in good condition (though traces of red paint do remain on the mask). The fragment in California has been heavily, and badly, restored. The back and sides of it have disappeared and may have either crumbled or been discarded by the looters.

MATERIAL Limestone of poor quality.

SHAPE Parallel sides with a fairly rectangular top.

CARVED AREAS Front and sides, and almost certainly the back, according to both Tauer and Morley, although they disagreed over the number of glyph columns.

PHOTOGRAPHS ClW. A small portion of the upper edge is cut off in this photograph.

DRAWINGS von Euw, based on a field drawing of the mask corrected by artificial light, on a drawing by Graham of the fragment in California, and on CIW photographs.


HLC 2.68 m(Morley)
PB 0.28 m plus
MW 1.34 m
WBC 1.34 m
MTh 0.87 m
Rel 2.3 cm



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