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Piedras-Negras: Stela 7
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LOCATION Originally placed in a row of eight monuments on the terrace before Structure J-4, between Stelae 6 and 8.

CONDITION Found by Maler broken into two pieces, with the front in nearly pristine condition, except for small areas where the sculpture had been chipped away. Maler (1901, p. 51) reported extensive remnants of red paint on the figures and blue and green colors on the central figure's costume. The low-relief design on the back was virtually destroyed, according to Maler. The inscriptions on the sides and top showed moderate to heavy erosion. The stela was subsequently sawn into pieces, with a large part of the top fragment ultimately making its way to Guatemala City, where it is now housed in the Museo Nacional. The current locations of other fragments are unknown.

MATERIAL Fine-grained limestone.

SHAPE Parallel sides with a rounded top.


Ht 3.15m
MW 96.0 cm
MTh 41.0 cm

CARVED AREAS Front, back, and sides.

PHOTOGRAPHS Maler (front, PMAE nos. H7563 and H7564) and CIW (top, neg. no. H-29-1-25; left side, neg. no. H-29-1-26; right side, neg. no. H-36-129).

DRAWINGS Stuart, based exclusively on extant but incomplete photographic record by Maler, the University Museum, and the Carnegie Institution. The drawing of the right side is based solely on a rectification of the oblique image shown here, and therefore it is highly tentative in several areas. Evidently no complete photograph of those glyphs was ever taken before the stela was looted in the 1960s.




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