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Piedras-Negras: Stela 8
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LOCATION Originally placed as the easternmost in the row of eight stelae erected on the terrace in front of Structure J-4. Like Stela 1, it seems to have been set off of the small platform bearing Stelae 2 through 7.

CONDITION Found by Maler in 1895 broken into three large pieces and lying face down, with a portion of the butt still in situ. Several smaller fragments were broken from the right edge. At the time of discovery, the front was in excellent condition and the lower areas had nearly pristine carving with traces of red, blue, and green paint (Maler 1901, p. 51). In the mid-1960s looters removed several fragments, including most of the upper half. The current whereabouts of these pieces are unknown. The low relief sculpture on the back surface is almost completely obliterated by weathering.

MATERIAL Fine-grained yellowish limestone.

SHAPE Parallel sides with a flat top.

CARVED AREAS Front, back, and composites of sides by Graham and CIW.


Ht >4.00 m
HLC 3.20 m
PB >1.05m
MW 1.30 m
MTh 0.43m
ReI 11.4cm

PHOTOGRAPHS Maler (front, including details and secondary text, PMAE nos. H7576, H7566, neg. no N31540), Graham (front, upper right fragment, CMHI neg. no. 1743/2; back, CMHI neg. no. 1932/1; left side, top fragment, CMHI neg. no. 1690/1), and CIW (left side, neg. nos. H-29-1-27, H-29-1-28; right side, neg. no. H-21-5-31).

DRAWINGS Stuart, based on photographs by Maler and Graham and on Graham's field drawings of the extant fragments. Two glyphs from the secondary text (Y1 and Y2) are taken from Morley's field notes.

NOTES Small portions of the front carving lack any adequate photographic record, thus lending some uncertainty to corresponding areas in the drawing. The extreme lower left corner and a small fragment on the right side, at glyph block W8, are especially unclear.




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