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Piedras-Negras: Stela 9
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LOCATION Found by Maler in 1899 on the large terrace to the east of Structure J-3, originally having been placed between Stelae 10 and 40.

CONDITION Maler discovered three large, moderately weathered fragments. Portions of the figure's headdress were in good condition, but other areas were less so. The bottom, later discovered by the University Museum project and still in situ, also exhibits well-preserved areas of sculpture. The upper right corner is missing. During the 1960s, looters removed the captive figure seen at the lower left of the front.

MATERlAL Hard, fine-grained limestone.

SHAPE Parallel sides and flat top.


Ht 2.85 m
MW 1.09 m
WBC 1.03 m
MTh 41.0 cm

CARVED AREAS Front and sides.

PHOTOGRAPHS Maler (front, upper fragments, PMAE neg. no. N3151), UM (front, lower fragment, neg. no. NC35-15771), CIW (left side, neg. no. H-31-3-186), and Graham (right side, CMHI neg. nos. 1889/1,1887/2,4).

DRAWINGS Stuart, based on Maler's images and field drawings by Graham.




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