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Site name: Pixoy Site volume and author reference
Location and Access
Principal Investigations
Notes on the Ruins
References Cited

LOCATION AND ACCESS Pixoy is located on a hilltop 19.5 km southeast of Bolonchen, Campeche. It is possible to drive to within approximately 1 km of the site. One must first drive south from the town on the Bolonchen-Hopelchen highway for 8 km, then turn south into a dirt road, which one soon leaves to take the road to the ranch of Don Octavio Ramirez (Rancho el Recreo). Continuing in a generally southeasterly direction for about 6.5 km, one reaches an extensive savanna (in which many pixoy trees are growing), and then proceeds along hilly terrain for 2 km until coming ta an aguada-the aguada Pixoy or Pixoy Aka!. This is a very unreliable source of water, and it was completely dry during my visit to the site (Don Octavio, who has an apiary nearby, supplied us with several drums of water far our stay). From the aguada, Pixoy is reached by walking uphill due east for about 1 km. The ruins are located in land belonging ta the Ejido de Bolonchen.

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATIONS AT THE SITE The site had been visited previously only by looters, who left many holes and sherds in their wake. The register of the sculpture and the map were produced during two visits totaling 11 days in 1973. In 1974 a brief visit to the site was made by E. Wyllys Andrews V, of Tulane University.

NOTES ON THE RUINS The exact orientation of the stelae (except Stela 4) is unknown, as they were apparently moved during the looting. It seems reasonable, however, that they were originally placed near Structure 18.

Pixoy is a small site with only two structures higher than 10 m. Structure 1 is the highest at the site (12 m), but the two-storied Structure 4 seems to have been the most important. The lower level is formed by three rows of rooms, the front two generally connected (except when directly below or adjacent to the staircase). Only the rooms on the east and west extremes are oriented in a north-south direction. The second story has almost completely collapsed.

The entrance to Structure 22 has a well preserved stone mask above the lintel. This mask has several p'ortions covered by stucco and red paint. Red paint can also be found clinging to parts of a mat design carved on a column altar between Structures 11 and 12.

On a capstone in Structure 15 (PIX: Msc. 1) there are traces of painted glyphs, but unfortunately most of the surface has been lost to erosion.

A portion of a carved figure in very deep relief was found in front of Structure 1. Unfortunately only the mid-section of the figure was found (showing the belt with hanging heads and shells, and the remains of the lower arm).

REGISTER OF INSCRIPTIONS AT PIXOY Stelae 1 to 5 Miscellaneous 1


SITE VOL/Part Monument Side Page Pub.year Notes Peobody Number
PIXOY 4.1 Map 33
PIXOY 4.1 Stela 1 front 35 1977 2004.
PIXOY 4.1 Stela 2 front 37 1977 2 pieces 2004.
PIXOY 4.1 Stela 3 front 39 1977 2004.
PIXOY 4.1 Stela 4 front 41 1977 2004.
PIXOY 4.1 Stela 5 front 43 1977 2004.


SITE (by Vol) VOL/Part Author(s)
PIXOY 4.1 Eric von Euw, Vol. 4.1, 1977