Collections by Type

Within its first decade, the Peabody Museum commissioned systematic collections—formalized in museum expeditions—particularly in the Americas. By the turn of the century, the collections had become global, and the objects and archival documentation were inspiring original research by students and scholars, who were defining the then-new discipline of anthropology.  The collections, which are organized on this site by Type and by Area, continue to grow through research, fieldwork, and substantial bequests. Collection types include archaeology;  ethnography; osteology and paleoanthropology; and painting, drawing, and prints. To view the collections by Type, please follow the menu links. 

Special Collections

In addtion to objects, photographs, and archives the Museum has several special collections created for special uses, these include the Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions with drawings and photographs of Maya monuments in Mexico and Central America; the Zooarchaeology Lab with collections specific to identifying and studying animal remains at archaeological sites; and the Paleoanthropology Lab with its hominin cast collection.

For questions about the collections or to arrange a research visit, please use our online  Collections Access Request Form.

Sharkstooth spearhead, Kiribati, 19th century. Photo by Mark Craig. PM 69-20-70/1313.