Class Visit Discussion Guides

The Discussion Guides provided here were developed by 2020 Academic Partnerships summer interns. Each pursues a theme individually selected by the interns as a reflection of their own processes of learning about the environment of museums and museum work. 

A Museum's Purpose aims to help students identify the various purposes we commonly expect museums to fulfill, and to contend with the overlapping or even conflicting responsibilities at stake.

InVisible Museum Work, and its associated summary of Peabody Museum Staff Roles, asks students to consider what work occurs in museums, and to reflect on the amalgamation of individuals and relationships that produce the spaces they experience as museum visitors.

Together these guides share the common goal of helping people look more carefully at the location they are in during their class visits to the Peabody Museum, and of complicating their discussions there. They are of particular use during the class visit itself, but also offer further suggestions of activities to reinforce student learning prior to and/or following their visit.


Our thanks to K. Stawasz and Maddie Heilbrun for their incredible work!