Why bring your group to the Peabody Museum?

  • See this year's program brochure
  • All Peabody Museum programs are hands-on, curriculum-based, and conducted in the galleries. One is available as a Skype virtual field trip. See a complete list of classes in the sub-menu.
  • We have the largest collection of cultural materials in the United States.
  • Museum professionals offer innovative approaches to teaching in a quality learning environment.
  • Museum programs align with Massachusetts social sciences frameworks.
  • Students are encouraged to use observation and inquiry skills. They see, touch, and compare artifacts to form new perspectives on cultures.
  • We encourage bilingualism: Several programs are offered in Spanish or English. Look for the "Bilingual" icon.
  • All classes are 60 minutes unless noted otherwise.
Globetrotters class

"You excite the kids and
make it real!"

—Teacher, Grade 4, Winchester

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Program Descriptions

Arctic Days (Grades 3–5)

Delve deeper into one region of North America to explore cultures managing the challenging Arctic climate.

Amazing Aztecs (Grades 4–7)

Explore the Mexica and Aztec civilization through artifacts and primary documents in the museum galleries.

Day of the Dead (Grades 2–12)

Bilingual programAn exploration of the traditional Mexican holiday featuring the museum's colorful Day of the Dead ofrenda (altar).

Globetrotters (Grades K–2)

Young anthropologists travel the world, comparing artifacts from Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, Australia and right here in North America. (pictured)

Foragers to Farmers (Grades 6-8)

Students tour exhibits and work in an activity lab with stone tools, animal bones, mortars and other early technologies to compare hunting and gathering societies to farming peoples. The class is 70 minutes long.

Igloos to Adobe (Grades 3–5)

Bilingual programExplore cultural diversity and history among Native peoples in the Northeast, Southwest, and Arctic, surrounded by the displays in the Hall of the North American Indian gallery.

King for a Day (Grades 5-8)

A live, interactive webcast uses Skype to highlights the monuments, buildings, and symbols associated with royal power in Maya and Aztec civilizations.

Magnificent Maya (Grades 4–7)

Bilingual programInvestigate Classic Period Maya culture and people through the clues left behind in their tools, buildings, and writing, among dramatic Maya monumental sculptures.

NEW! Read with Raven (Grades K–2) The class is 50 minutes.

Magical trickster Raven is your guide during this literacy program. Students explore the elements of a folktale through objects and art of Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest.

How to Book

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