Archives Research Room Rules

Procedures for Archival Research

  • It is the responsibility of all researchers to assist in the preservation of archival items. The materials are rare and in many cases, unique. Please take appropriate care to insure that these items are available for future researchers.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the Research Room.
  • No ballpoint or fountain pens are allowed; please use the pencils provided.
  • All backpacks and large brief cases must be left with jackets and coats in the designated cloakroom.
  • All researchers must use archival materials under the supervision of an Archives staff member.
  • Materials may not be removed from the Research Room.
  • When using an archival manuscript or photo collection, please wear the gloves provided.
  • To maintain the organization of the collections, only one person may use an item at a time. All materials will be examined after use to verify that collections are properly refiled.
  • Please do not place anything--including pencils, notepads, paper, and elbows--on top of the archival material. Do not place order forms on the materials when writing on the forms, as the pencil pressure will cause damage.
  • Please sit with your chair facing the Archives attendant. It is preferable to have only one person at a table at a time, when space permits. We expect and appreciate consideration of other researchers.
  • Researchers must read and sign an Archival Materials Request Form, which they will receive on arrival.