Analytical Sampling

Collections Research

The Peabody Museum encourages a multidisciplinary approach to collections research. In certain circumstances, it may be appropriate to remove samples, conduct invasive tests, or otherwise modify items in the collection in order to maximize their research potential. Decisions about the appropriateness of such requests must balance the legitimate needs of the scholarly and scientific community with the long-term preservation of the collections, including future research needs.

The Museum supports the judicious sampling of its collections in situations determined to afford significant information not available through non-destructive examination. Analytical sampling includes any procedure for which a sample of any size is removed from an object or any procedure that permanently alters an object macroscopically. The Museum is always mindful that analytical sampling requests require the removal of original materials, which, once removed, are no longer available for further study.

For additional information, please read our Analytical Sampling Policies and Procedures  and FAQs or click here for instructions on how to submit a request to conduct analytical sampling.