Request to Publish Non-Peabody Photographs

Request to Publish Your Own Photograph(s) of Peabody Museum

Objects or Exhibitions  

The Peabody Museum provides photographs of objects in its collection for publication. Only rarely will the Museum allow a researcher to publish his or her own photograph of a Peabody Museum object. The procedure for seeking permission involves a review of the photograph quality and the transfer of copyright for that photo to the Peabody Museum. Please allow up to four weeks for the Museum to review your request.  

How to Request Permission

Requests for publication permission should be sent to and should include the following information:

  • Digital file of image for which publication permission is requested.
  • Peabody Museum identification number of object.
  • Current rights holder’s name and address.
  • Author, title, publisher, and date of publication.

Rights Transfer

If approved, the Peabody Museum will provide the copyright holder (usually the photographer) with a Copyright Transfer Agreement. This Agreement transfers all rights, including but not limited to copyright, in the image to the President and Fellows of Harvard College. As a condition of this Agreement, the rights holder must provide the physical medium to the Peabody Museum. Digital image files (high resolution, TIFF format, 24-byte RGB or 8-byte greyscale) are the preferred media.

One-time permission to publish the image is granted through the Copyright Transfer Agreement. No licensing fees are assessed for the initial publication. Licensing fees may be charged, however, for the subsequent uses of the image.

The Peabody Museum will provide the researcher with credit line information that must be included with the publication of the image.