Distinguished Casts

 Casts Gallery

The Casts Gallery at the Peabody Museum. Photo by Barry Hetherington.

Curating Lost Monuments at the Peabody Museum

October 3, 2001–October 30, 2007

This exhibit features some of the most important and valuable casts from the unique Mesoamerican collection at the Peabody Museum. Dating from the nineteenth-century, the Peabody’s cast collection is among the largest in the world and preserves a wealth of hieroglyphic and iconographic information now lost forever on the original monuments.

Once used to generate interest and inform the public of remote archaeology sites, reproductions like those presented in Distinguished Casts provide invaluable information about the cultures and languages of ancient Mesoamerica. Due to rapid environmental erosion or to damage and destruction by vandals of the original monuments in their countries of origin, there is renewed interest in preserving these casts. The exhibit, which highlights the significance and diversity of the Peabody’s collection, emphasizes the importance of conserving these valuable collections.

Curated by Barbara Fash.