From Nation to Nation

Nation to Nation Gallery

Nation to Nation exhibit gallery. Photo by Barry Hetherington.

Examining Lewis & Clark's Indian

December 12, 2003–September 30, 2008

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In commemoration of the bicentennial of Lewis and Clark's expedition, the Peabody presents an important reexamination of the expedition's contact with native peoples. The repository of the only remaining Native American objects acquired by the Corps of Northwest Discovery during their epic trek, the Peabody Museum's exhibit focuses on the nature and flavor of Lewis and Clark's relationships with the Indian peoples they encountered on their journey.

From Nation to Nation features thirty-three select object, both of the period and those acquired by Lewis and Clark, including a spectacular calumet, the oldest known buffalo robe, and the newly discovered bear claw necklace.

Curated by Castle McLaughlin.

Available from Peabody Museum Press 

Arts of Diplomacy: Lewis and Clark's Indian Collection
by Castle McLaughlin; Photographs by Hillel S. Burger; Foreword by James P. Ronda