Reconfiguring Korea

Reconfiguring Korea

Busy market street, Pusan, c. 1953. Photo by Roger Marshutz. PM 2003.17.3132. 

Roger Marshutz's Photographs of Pusan,

February 15, 2006–September 2006

As the Korean war (1950–1953) drew to a close and South Korea began to rebuild, American GI Roger Marshutz was stationed in Pusan to photograph U.S. reconstruction efforts. In his spare time, Marshutz also wandered the streets, documenting the daily life of Korean civilians.

Reconfiguring Korea offers both an official and unofficial look at U.S.–South Korean relations, as well as a portrait of a country in the midst of enormous political, economic, and cultural transformation.

Curated by Chong Bum Kim and Ilisa Barbash.