Painted by a Distant Hand

Mimbres Pottery

Mimbres Pottery from southwestern New Mexico. PM 24-15-10/94584, 25-11-10/94789.

Mimbres Pottery from the American

May 30, 2003–December 2004

Highlighting one of the Peabody Museum's most important archaeological expeditions--the excavation of the Swarts Ranch Ruin in southwestern New Mexico by Harriet and Burton Cosgrove in the mid-1920s--the show features more than 100 rare, never-before-exhibited examples of Mimbres painted pottery. Painted by a Distant Hand traces the origins of the Mimbres people and what became of them. The exhibit also considers the meaning of the images, who among the Mimbres painted them, and what scholars have learned about the Mimbres in the 75 years since the Cosgroves' seminal expedition.

Curated by Steven LeBlanc.

Painted by a Distant Hand: Mimbres Pottery of the American Southwest
by Steven A. LeBlanc; Foreword by Rubie Watson; Photographs by Hillel S. Burger