Teaching Displays

Harvard University students and faculty examine a teaching display on the Peabody Museum's third floor.

Short-term exhibits that feature Museum collections chosen around a theme or topic related to a course can be installed on the third-floor teaching gallery of the Museum. These displays are created by Peabody Museum staff, following discussion with the course professor. Students can view the display during public Museum hours (9 AM-5 PM). Teaching Displays work especially well for large classes or sections. Faculty must request teaching displays at least a month in advance.

Student-curated teaching displays:  Working with museum staff, faculty occasionally use teaching displays to allow a course to curate a small exhibition. (In some cases, students in the course work collaboratively toward a final product, such as an online exhibition or teaching display.) Student-curated teaching displays are a great way for students to gain intimate knowledge of artifacts, as well as gain familiarity with museum practice. These teaching displays must be requested before the start of the semester.

Existing teaching displays include:

  • Native American Literacy
  • Osteometrics
  • Potlatch

The Museum staff works with faculty to design teaching displays that best meet the needs of specific courses. In several cases, we have worked with students, either individually or as a class, to give them the opportunity to curate a display.

Procedures & Contacts

Teaching displays require one-month's advance notice.