South America

Inka quipu
Inka quipu,Peru.Gift of Robert Wood Bliss, 1942. Photo by Hillel Burger. PM 42-28-30/4532.

Collections from South America derive primarily from Peru, but also include small regional collections from other parts of the Continent. Featuring some of the earliest accessions of the Museum, items include those collected by Louis and Alexander Agassiz in the 1870s and 1880s.

Collection Highlights 

  • Archaeological collections from Puerto Rico.

  • Archaeological textiles from all periods, especially Paracas.

  • Collections made by Samuel Lothrop and Julio Tello.

  • Extant primates.

  • Inka and Chimu metalwork.

  • Objects from the Agassiz expeditions of 1870s and 1880s, including Amazonian featherwork.

  • Oil paintings of Caribbean women by Augustin Brunias.

  • Peruvian osteological collections include archaeological sites of Ancon.

  • Pottery from Chimu, Nazca, and Moche cultures.

  • Pottery from Lake Valencia, Venezuela.

  • Quipus from Peru.

  • South America Expedition Records, 1904 -1922.

  • William Farabee collection of ceremonial and domestic objects from Peru and Bolivia.

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