Kyaamuya: Soyalangwu Ceremony

Leenangkatsina, Flute Katsina, PM 45-25-10/28863
Qaleetaqa, Warrior, PM 45-25-10/28844

Kyaamuya is in December, a sacred month when the gods return and the sun turns back on its way towards summer. The Hopi respectfully prepare for the arrival of the katsinam with storytelling and the Soyalangwu ceremony.

The first few katsinam of the new year appear at the beginning of Soyalangwu, the winter solstice ceremony which may last up to nine days. It involves the making of prayer objects, many prayers and rituals, and a rabbit hunt and feast at its conclusion. The prayers and rituals help the Hopi turn the sun toward its summer home and begin giving strength to all life for the growing season ahead. Two Sivuktsinavit (two katsinat), representing fertility, procreation, and renewal approach females of the village and simulate copulation to symbolize fertilization of the new growing season.

Leenangkatsina, Flute Katsina

Leenangkatsina is a leader who performs rituals that begin the katsina season. His flute music reaches the four corners of the world and brings rain, health and bountiful harvests. The headdress on this doll represents flowers painted with the colors of the four cardinal directions. They also symbolize the beauty of the earth.

Qaleetaqa, Warrior

Qaleetaqa's cone-shaped headdress represents rain clouds. He carries lightning and a bull-roarer he uses to bring rain. During Soyalangwu, Qaleetaqa makes certain that various ceremonies are not interrupted.