Recent Acquisitions

Tapa doll




Barkcloth (tapa) doll, Fiji, 1994 or earlier. Gift of Judith Lopez Billings, Ph.D. 2013.8.8







wood transformation carving


Transformation carving; interpretation of an archaeological wood sculpture from the Karluk One Site, Kodiak. Alfred Naumoff and Sven Haakenson, Jr. (1967– ), Alutiiq, Alaska, 2013.  Gift of transformation in memory of Sven Haakanson, Sr. and Alfred Naumoff, Sr. 2013.17.1






shoulder or hip cloth



Man's shoulder or hip cloth (hinggi), Sumba, Indonesia, 1969-1970 or earlier. Gift of Monni Adams. 2013.20.15


Maya huipil

Woman’s shirt (huipil), Maya, Palin, Guatemala, 1940-1942 or earlier. Gift of Mary Dodge Cobb in memory of Bertha Sanford (Wiener) Dodge and Carroll William Dodge, who together collected these Guatemalan textiles. 2013.24.97


water storage jar

Water storage jar (olla), Acoma, New Mexico, ca. 1900. Gift of Deborah Wald in honor of George Wald and Ruth Hubbard. 2013.27.1