Map of the 1935–1939 Awatovi excavations. PM 995-11-10/99994.1.32
First Awatovi Expedition campsite, 1935. PM 995-11-10/99994.1.13
Staff photo, 1938. PM 2004.
Hopi field crew members relaxing in the cook shack, 1939. PM 2004.
View of “New Awatovi”; the cook shack roof is labeled for the benefit of passing planes. PM 2004.

Sometime before 1935, avocational archaeologist Bill Claflin and Peabody Museum director Donald Scott launched an ambitious excavation at the abandoned village of Awatovi. Doctoral student J. O. Brew—eventually a Peabody director himself—led the project, assembling supervisors and crew, photographers, geologists, cooks, surveyors, and specialists in pottery, lithics, plants, and fauna. Most of these scholars were from Harvard or other academic nstitutions; several local Hopi men joined the project as field assistants.