The Work

Snowy view of the north-south Awatovi excavation trench, 1935. PM 2004.
Excavations in the Western Mound, 1936. PM 2004.
1935 Supply List, Awatovi, page 1. PM 995-11-10/99994.1.28
1935 Supply List, Awatovi, page 2. PM 995-11-10/99994.1.28
Ceramic bowl from Awatovi expedition. PM 38-12-10/13781
Decorated pottery jar found at Awatovi. PM 39-97-10/21641A

The 1935–1939 Awatovi project cost roughly $44,000 (today’s equivalent: $681,000). Brew and his crew excavated 20 sites besides Awatovi, including about 1,325 rooms. They took thousands of photographs and recovered half a million potsherds, 8,500 restorable vessels, and several thousand bone, stone, wood, and textile artifacts. Recovered finds—two of which are shown above—reflect all parts and periods of village life, from earliest settlement to the 18th century.