Making the Spoons

Sheep horn, part of the raw material used to carve the Tlingit ceremonial spoons. PM 37-77-50/2894
Goat horn, raw material for the Tlingit spoons. PM 37-77-50/2893
One piece Tlingit ceremonial spoon depicting a Thunderbird. PM 69-30-10/1740.
Two piece Tlingit spoon with abalone. PM 38-17-10/9731.
Abalone, raw material. PM 974-53-10/52527
Carved argillite minature pole, PM 45-28-10/27705
Carved argillite charm, PM 94-57-10/R169
Carved ivory, abalone, and copper comb, Alaska. PM 05-7-10/64536

Carved horn spoons testify to the skills of Tlingit hunters and artists. Sheep horn spoons and mountain goat horn spoons were made in one or two pieces. Horn was softened in boiling water and oil before being split and molded. Bowls and handles were riveted together with horn, local copper, or imported metal. Some handles were elaborated with abalone shell inlay. Spoon carvers often made other special items in bone, argillite, and ivory.