Eagle People Stories

Eagle spoon, PM 69-30-10/1750. The figure at the base of the handle resembles a rock. Above it stands what may be an eagle with a salmon in its claws.
Ceremonial spoon depicting a man wearing a Gaangóosh (bear) headdress. PM 69-30-10/1727
Bear Spoon, PM 69-30-10/1730
Ceremonial spoon depicting the hunter Kaats', PM 69-30-10/1724
Loon spoon, PM 973-24-10/52232

Eagle approached a starving young man and gave him a blanket. The man followed Eagle back to the creature's forest house and was fed by the eagle people. The man stayed, took an eagle wife, and became an eagle himself. He then returned to his still-starving human family and taught them to find food for themselves.

A she-bear captured the man Kaats', married him, and had his children. She warned Kaats' never again to speak with his human wife. But when his human wife mocked his bear children, Kaats' reprimanded her. For this act, Katts' children killed him, and his bear wife mourned.

A loon helped Kaats' ancestors before Raven brought light into the world. The men were canoeing in a bay and lost their way. They could not find open water. When they heard the call of a loon, they followed it. Loon's voice led them to daylight at the mouth of the bay.