Raven People Stories

Raven spoon, PM 69-30-10/1738
Spoon depicting Cannibal. PM 69-30-10/1725.
Mosquito spoon, PM 69-30-10/1731
Ceremonial spoon depicting a sea lion, Alaska. PM 10-47-10/76830
Spoon depicting a sea lion and Dukt'ootl', PM 69-30-10/1738. The figure at the base of the handle represents a sea lion, while the man above the sea lion is the legendary hero Dukt'ootl',, or Strong Man., PM 69-30-10/1738

Raven was powerful, and he acquired more power from sacred bundles given to him by his grandfather. Raven opened the first bundle and created the stars. He opened the second bundle and birthed the moon. From the third bundle he created daylight. He went on, creating rivers, streams, land, mountains, plants, and all things of the world.

Gaanaxtedí, called Cannibal, was a voracious mountain giant. He ate the Frog House people's salmon, starving them. Then Cannibal began to eat people, so they trapped him and set him on fire. The giant vowed to continue his attacks, even if only his ashes remained. Sparks from Cannibal's ashes became mosquitoes, who—as promised— bit men and drew blood.

Blackskin, also called Duktootl' or Strong Man, was a legendary hero of the Raven people. He trained for many years to become strong and self-disciplined. When his uncle was killed by a sea lion, Blackskin avenged him by tearing the sea lion in half.