Inside the Peabody Museum July 2015

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Summer Solstice Celebration

Museum Open July 4th

Fortune? Health? Power?

Summer Solstice 2015Summer Solstice Celebration

Last Sunday night, despite thunderstorms in the forecast, the four Harvard Museums of Science & Culture (including the Peabody) proved to be a popular destination for many, including millenials and families celebrating Fathers Day during their annual Summer Solstice Celebration. The museums were open for free and offered live music, circus performers, and hands-on activities. See more pictures on Facebook.


Digging VeritasThe Museum is Open July 4th!

The Peabody Museum and Harvard Museum of Natural History are open 361 days a year, and the Fourth of July is just one of them! With out-of-town guests, couples, and families looking for a special outing (air conditioning included), the museums may be just the thing. Remember to check out Harvard's colonial past in the Digging Veritas exhibition.


Diviner's basket, PM #11-46-50/83148, TL41234.2–39Fortune? Health? Power?

Identifying the forces at work in a person's life was the diviner's job in Angola. A basket like this one from the Peabody Museum held some 30 different objects, and in the diviner's hands was believed to reveal important factors for which the diviner might suggest remedies. Learn more about this basket and the practice of divination in one of the Harvard Art Museums' digital tours. Visit the basket and other African Peabody Museum objects currently on view in the Harvard Art Museums.