Berber Exhibit
Imazighen! Exhibition at the Peabody Museum

Exhibit acknowledgements are as of the original publication and exhibition date.


Susan Gilson Miller
Lisa Bernasek

William and Muriel Seabury Howells Director, Peabody Museum

William Fash

Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Steven C. Caton

Exhibit Designer and Coordinator

Samuel Tager

Exhibit Graphics


Research Assistant

Kristi Katherine Marks


Esther Chao
Scott Fulton
T. Rose Holdcraft
Judy Jungels

Mountmaker and Installer

Suzanne Sroka

Exhibit Production

Anthony Greaney
Eileen O'Dea

Copy Editor

Donna Dickerson

Imaging Service Coordinator

Julie Brown

Director of External Relations

Pamela Gerardi

Assistant Director for Safety and Security

Lawrence Flynn

Facilities Manager

Ross Jolly

Collections Associate for Exhibits

Nynke Dorhout Jolly

Graphic Fabrication

Advanced Photographics and Mystic Scenic Studios

Contributing Photographers

Cynthia Becker, David Douglas Duncan, Mounir Kejji, Kristi Katherine Marks, Jim Miller, Steffen Pierce, Alfred Saulniers, Rabah Seffal

With Special Appreciation for their Assistance

Rachid Aadnani, Jamie Abraham, Amazigh Cultural Association of America, Jam'a Baida, Nabil Boudraa, Arezki Boudif, Eleanor Briggs, Hillel Burger, Patricia Capone, Amy Cay, Centre Tareq Ibn Ziad, Rebecca Chetham, Hannah-Louise Clark, Carleton Coon Jr., Mark Craig, Jessica Desany, Leslie Evans, Genevieve Fisher, Eleanor Gaskiell, Geo-Images Project at the University of California, Berkeley, Getty Images, Jane Goodman, Kamal Hadidi, Helene Hagan, Susan Haskell, Stuart Heebner, Katherine E. Hoffman, Samantha Holmes, Ahmed Jebari, Patricia Kervick, Librairie Klincksieck, Catherine Linardos, Diana Loren, National Anthropological Archives of the Smithsonian Institution, David Schafer, India Spartz, Jeff Spurr, Tazzla Institute, Rubie Watson, and Barbara Wiberg.

The exhibition and related programs were made possible in part through the generous contributions of:

Eleanor Briggs, Briggs Fund for the Peabody Museum for Exhibition of Materials from the Berber Culture

Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University

Moroccan Studies Program, Harvard University